“Cliff and his crew were very professional. They obviously were very knowledgable and took great pride in their work. Cliff offered some advice, which sometimes saved me money; sometimes not. When I changed things, he presented me with a new estimate, which I didn’t even request because I have worked with Cliff before and I trust him completely. He personally checked up on all the work as it was being done. They gutted my kitchen completely, then rebuilt it. All the floors in the house were tiled. I now have a “new” house I love. And after every workday, they cleaned any mess made. I have recommended Cliff to many of my friends, and if they were smart, they hired him”

- Kaye Wood

“We hired Crosspoint Contracting to remodel our 20-year-old kitchen and guest bathroom. He remodeled the kitchen of friends of ours and they recommended him to us. We did new cabinets, new flooring (throughout the whole house), removed two walls, installed an island, new cabinet/vanity (changed from 2 sinks to 1) and flooring in the guest bathroom, and painted the entire main area of the house. Cliff, the owner, is excellent to work with. He keeps all appointments and is on time. He provided a detailed schedule of events and stuck to that schedule. If any issue arises, he is always in communication with you. Cliff went above and beyond getting us through 6 weeks of construction. We made several changes during the process and Cliff happily handled everyone. He arranged to have gutters installed on the patio, he worked with our roofers who were putting on a new roof at the time, and he arranged to have our appliances installed. He listened to all our suggestions, never once dismissing our ideas. He took the time to explain to us how the different choices would affect the finished product. He was great at suggesting things that we never would have thought of. We felt the cost for the work was fair and Cliff kept to the agreed budget. He sent us to Prosource for flooring. Vickie is great to work with. His team of subcontractors is great. Jim, who did the cabinets, Boone the electrician, Edgar, drywall and framing, and Noah for tile. We plan to remodel our master bath and closet and won’t hesitate to call Crosspoint. We highly recommend Cliff and his company”

- Jerry Gehrke

“We will definitely use Crosspoint for our upcoming renovations. My home turned out how I envisioned, They added an office and remodeled my kitchen. living room and dining room. Cliff was upfront on price quotes and kept us abreast of the progress of the renovations. I also felt comfortable with the workers that were in and out of my home. I feel this company is conducting business with integrity and transparency which is why I would recommend them to anyone interested in renovating their home”

- Kathy Robinett

After shopping around for a contractor and receiving several bids, we decided to have Crosspoint Contracting work on our kitchen and living room remodel for the following reasons: tradesmen, design assistance, outlined estimate, and communication. We noticed right away that Crosspoint is dedicated to providing the best service possible when Cliff had each of the trades come out to our house. Not only did we meet the individuals that were going to be in our house, but they took the time to assess the amount of work that needed to be done and provided a reasonable estimate. They alerted us about possible problem areas and the cost of the repairs that might be needed. As we listened to their suggestions, it helped us generate a solid design for our new kitchen that included a few items we had not thought about such as under cabinet lighting and outlets. Their expert advice helped us create a kitchen that is not only beautiful but functional as well for many years to come.

Another positive characteristic of Crosspoint Contracting is its outlined proposal. All the items needed to be completed were listed under a general heading such as plumbing, flooring, and cabinets along with the cost for all of that work. We knew exactly how much we were going to spend for each of the services so if we did go over our initial estimate, we could account for it once the work was completed. This was something that was not offered by any of the other contractors we spoke with so it made our decision a little easier. Cliff was also very good at keeping us informed and answering our questions. We communicated through email most of the time, but he was available through text messages if needed.

The amount of work needed to be done was substantial but once they began the work, it only took them one month to complete our entire remodel. The different trades were scheduled to come out one at a time so everyone had space to complete the job effectively. Cliff made sure every part of the work was completed to his and our standards, which we greatly appreciate. We now have a kitchen and living room area that will accommodate our family’s needs for years to come. Thank you, Cliff and Crosspoint Contracting!

- Tim Cole

“We found Cliff on Houzz. Best decision we made. From the first meeting to the final inspection, Cliff was caring, professional, treated us with respect, and gave us confidence that we would be successful with this major remodel. His subs are also five stars, professional, courteous, and were great to work with. Our project included- new tile throughout, new kitchen, two new bathrooms, new baseboards, expanded archway, and painting the entire house. The remodel was completed in the time we were told. I would (and have) recommended Crosspoint to friends and neighbors”

- Harvey & Laura Lehrfeld

Why Remodeling Sun City AZ Reviews Matter

Working with a remodeling Sun City AZ contractor is usually a major decision. You will be deciding to spend tens of thousands of your hard earned dollars with a business. They, in turn, take your vision of your home or commercial space and transform the vision into reality. Wouldn’t you want to make sure the team you decide to work with is reputable? That they have the credentials and expertise required to actually get the job done? Not only do you want expertise, but don’t you want someone who is on-time, scheduled with their work and isn’t late with their communication?

This is what you’ll receive with Crosspoint Contracting, a proven remodeling Sun City AZ team that’s dedicated to validating themselves with great reviews and testimonials. We’ve read the details about how 82% of customers, according to BrightLocal, read reviews before making a purchasing decision. On top of that, 91% of customers are more likely to choose a business if they have plenty of good reviews to read from.


Reviews From Remodeling Sun City AZ Clients

Well not only do you find a few great reviews on our website, but you also find several 5-star reviews from our great clients across the Phoenix metro area. Here are some of the key themes from these reviews:


“It’s Smart to Hire Crosspoint Contracting.”

You’ll notice that those who decide to work with us find out it’s a smart decision. Kaye talked about in her review that our remodeling Sun City AZ team was very professional. The lead man, Cliff, was there on the job frequently and quickly communicated any new changes to the job, therefore resetting expectations. Kaye never felt like she was in the dark with the work and that was immensely important to her.


“He Keeps All Appointments and is On Time.”

Jerry really appreciated that Cliff and his team were on time with any appointments and calls. Turns out, all of our clients have said they appreciated this too! What’s crazy is you’ll find that nearly 30% of all workers are late each day. So while it’s not a common occurrence for people to be late, we’ve seen in the contracting world too many bad stories of dysfunctional construction companies and their lack of timeliness. Whether it involves dragging on the job or showing up 30 minutes late to a sales appointment, being on time matters to people!


“Best Decision We Made.”

Harvey and Laura found us on Houzz and they apparently couldn’t have made a better decision. We treated them with respect, courtesy and acted very professionally with everything we did. This is really all anyone asks for from a remodeling Sun City AZ contractor. Thankfully, this is what Crosspoint Contracting will provide to anyone who’s looking to build the project of their dreams. Schedule a time with us today and we’ll be happy to get you on your way!