Residential Work

Residential Work

Are you looking to really spruce up your home, huh? You’ve lived in the same old home for a decade, and it’s about time you lived like the Jones’. You’re tired of the old carpet that’s got a couple of stain spots, and your kitchen countertops don’t have the same luxury feel as your sister’s kitchen. You are looking to make your home truly a palace that you’ll be proud to call home again.

Thankfully, there’s a great company out there that’s been able to continually provide great renovation and remodeling services for many homeowners in the surrounding Phoenix area. It’s also a company that’s been able to amass a great amount of 5-star reviews online about their work.

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As far as what you can expect from our company, we’re able to tackle plenty of project ideas. From additions to whole home remodels to kitchen remodels and master suite remodels, there ain’t a spot in a house that we haven’t built before. You name it; we can help you!

Residential construction hits close to home with us, pun intended! It is where we got our start. Back in the day, Cliff, the founder of Crosspoint Contracting, got started on his first projects with homeowners. Friends and family members needed a reliable contractor and team of builders to put together enhancements to their homes. Luckily enough, they had a guy like Cliff to handle the responsibility for the job. 

After many years of working as a home builder before starting his own company, Cliff came in with crystal clear expertise to execute phenomenal work. The team at Crosspoint Contracting developed a trained eye for detail and strived for perfection in everything we do! We believe if we take the proper precautions to plan and communicate effectively, we can achieve anything you need at the highest level!

The Lovato Project

Whole-Home Remodel

Perhaps your whole home needs to be updated? Well, we can take care of a whole home remodel as well. There are a lot of different types of remodeling jobs that can be done around a house, but sometimes the most affordable option is just to take it back to the studs, remove walls, and possibly reposition the entire layout to fit your needs.

It’s hard to find Phoenix remodelers that have experience with whole home remodels. Fortunately, Crosspoint can help you with a whole home remodel. It takes a talented group to work on every aspect of a complete overhaul. There are many reasons why our company has a distinct advantage over other contractors. We work directly with our architect and trade partners to save you the most money and increase the value of your home in the process.

Kitchen Remodels

Kitchens can be THE most utilized room in the house. Does your kitchen make it easy to host gatherings or to cook for the ones you love? Crosspoint has taken many kitchens across the valley and given them a fresh, modern, and luxurious facelift and made them a place to do life. We work with some of the best Custom cabinet companies and even some larger manufacturers in the PHX area.

This makes it possible for us to deliver your dream kitchen with all the bells and whistles. Do you love a statement piece? Well then, you’re in luck! Crosspoint has access to some of the most beautiful finishes in the business, from Countertops, Lighting fixtures, sinks and faucets, appliances, and more. Your kitchen is sure to be a showstopper!

Master Suite Remodels

The master suite should be an Oasis! A place to retreat after a long day of work or play. Crosspoint understands the importance of having a place to find rest and recoup for the days ahead. That’s why we would love to help elevate your master suite! Maybe for you, that means a spa-like environment with an updated shower and bath or a light and airy ambience to uplift and fuel you; for some, it may even be a place to shut out the world and get some rest.

There are truly no bounds to what we can make happen. Plenty More!
Any kind of remodeling or renovation project for your home, we can take care of it! If it’s a small-scale job where you’re looking to enhance your bathroom shower in the master bedroom, we’ll handle it. If it’s a large-scale, new home construction project, we’ll be your team to call as well. Rest assured that you’ve got a highly rated and reviewed company at your side.