Commercial Work

So you have a commercial office space that’s been in the dark ages. You work with old Microsoft computer monitors and you’re still working with a paper filing system. 


Commercial Work

Are you tired of working in a commercial office space that seems stuck in the past? Imagine the impact of transforming your office into a sleek, state-of-the-art space. Not only will your staff feel a renewed sense of pride in their workplace, but clients and customers will also enjoy collaborating with your company.
Revamping your commercial space can truly make a difference. Consider your favorite restaurants and cafes – they often have an exceptional ambiance that instantly puts you at ease. The interior design and construction of these establishments create an inviting atmosphere from the moment you step inside. That’s exactly what crosspoint wants to partner in helping your commercial space to achieve.

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That’s why you should decide to work with Crosspoint Contracting today! Crosspoint has been doing commercial work for the last 8 years in the local Phoenix area. We have built out multiple high-end office spaces, retail spaces, medical spaces, and restaurant spaces. We’d love to build out your space as well.

It’s as simple as scheduling out a free design consultation with our lead man, Cliff Zillweger, or his team today.
While you eagerly wait for our team to come by during our scheduled appointment with you, you can read through some of the details of the projects we’ve done in the past and see photos of our work!

Our Commercial Projects

Well not only do you find a few great reviews on our website, but you also find several 5-star reviews from our great clients across the

The Elko Wire Project

Carefree Dermatology Project

Auto Transport Team Project

Ebb & Flow Cafe Project

Build-Out Types

Grey shell

Crosspoint LOVES to work with Grey Shell build-outs! It’s a blank canvas just waiting to be designed and turned into your company’s flagship location. Grey Shells are completely unfinished spaces offered by a landlord or seller. You will generally find bare stud exterior walls, unfinished floors or dirt floors with a keyway, no plumbing or electrical, minus a point of connection for sewer within the space, and a space for a new electrical service within the electrical room.

Space may or may not include a roof-mounted HVAC unit but no ductwork or controls, the main sprinkler supply piping may be installed but not dropped to finished ceiling height, and fire alarm wire is usually present and connected to the main panel but will need to be connected to new devices as called out per code. Let us design and build the space you’ve always dreamed of!

Vanilla Shell

Crosspoint has extensive experience in offering vanilla shell build-outs that provide very close to finished spaces that often include fire taped walls ready to paint, electrical panel and outlets, sealed concrete or finished floor, finished ceiling with lighting, HVAC including ductwork and controls, finished bathroom (if there is no common area bathroom), and sprinkler system if required by code.

Depending on the size of the space and condition of the grey shell, a vanilla shell offers greater opportunity and less cost to tenants to build out their spaces. The finish cost for a Vanilla Shell can run between $20 to $60 a square foot depending on how custom the build-out is. Most landlords or sellers will offer some type of allowance for tenants to finish the space which can be negotiated into the lease or purchase terms. On a lease, typically, the longer the lease term, the more generous landlords are willing to be. Let Crosspoint help you transform your Vanilla Shell into the space of your dreams.

Remodel or TI

Crosspoint also specializes in making modifications to commercial spaces for either the building owner or tenant in order to re-configure the space to accommodate the specific requirements of new tenants.

We use a similar approach to vanilla shells in that we design your new space to fit your needs, then remove existing walls and finishes as needed.

Recent Projects

Here are some of the glimpse of some of the current projects

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